Review by Northwest Gold Coast
February 26, 2008

Simply Thai III Executive Chef Nitha Moore prepares her dishes with precision. Not with the typical precision that most cooks understand – precise measurements according to a written recipe. Rather, she selects the best possible ingredients and assembles them adding only one ingredient at a time in a precise order at a precise temperature to a precise spot in a large wok. Observing her work is similar to watching a fine florist produce an exquisite, artful arrangement.

Blessed by a heritage that can trace each recipe to the kitchens of the Royals of Laos, Nitha does not compromise a recipe by preparing sauces or mixtures in advance. Produce is bought fresh daily and each item is added as soon as washed and cut so that the flavors are authentic and the dish offers the best possible nutrition.

Especially wonderful is the Salmon Panang. This “melt in your mouth” dish starts with a paste of cumin (which gives the dish its warm color), cinnamon, yellow curry, coriander and sesame oil. The paste is mixed into coconut milk and used to complement red and green bell peppers, “just off the boat” salmon, lime leaves, and basil. As it is served onto a blue and white platter the dish is finished with a dollop of coconut cream that elegantly smoothes out this excellent main dish.

Nitha and husband/business associate Rick Moore state that the aim of their new 406 Broadway East Seattle location [no longer open] is to create a sense of contentment for each patron. They do this with an upscale, yet comfortable, environment that incorporates hardwood and bamboo decor; tropical plants; wine, blue, gold, and emerald fabrics and parasol accents. They do this with their beautifully prepared meals that are affordable, nutritious and delicious.